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1. To facilitate an exchange of ideas between Japanese and British teachers.

2. To encourage a global outlook in the classroom, for both students and teachers.

3. To embed a global perspective in teacher professional development in Japan and the UK.

4. To promote gender equality in education and in global leadership

Our students will need to think global as they enter university and seek work. There is thus a need for schools to develop this global awareness among students, and many teachers would like to discuss and develop ideas about how this may be achieved.

The first UK-Japan Forum on International Perspectives in Education will take place in Japan in August 2015. Teachers from the UK and Japan will meet in forums and seminars in Fukushima, Kyoto and Tokyo. We will exchange ideas and resources about how to encourage and develop a global ethos among teachers and students. We aim to develop a programme of forums in the UK and in Japan, and to offer seminars and training for teachers.

If you are interested in participating in any way in this project, please contact the organisers:

Dr. Toru Okano – Rikkyo School in England


Rory Gallagher, M.Ed. – The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester



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